are you saved?

If you died tonight,
would you go to Heaven?


If you have been blessed by One God Ministries, please send us your own personal testimony:

Two men walked up to me while I was working at the mall and began to speak to me about heaven. Pat shared with me all about God’s love and Jon began to speak to me about things only God could have known. It was then I realized God was real and cared about little old me. I took one of the cd’s they gave me. I prayed the prayer to receive Christ and now my life is changed. I don’t have that same old depression but a purpose and a joy that only Jesus could bring. Thanks for stopping me and giving me your cd.
– Laura

I believed that there were many gods and that as long as you are a good person you will go to heaven. Then Jon handed me his eternity cd message at work. I listened to it 3 times in one night and realized that Jesus is truly the only way and truth. I have a peace now about my eternity in Heaven and am reading the Bible everyday and praying. Now I know God hears my prayers because I am a child of God now! Thanks for sharing this message with me.
– Patria

Hi, You don’t know me, my name is Nancy and I am a born again believer. You gave my daughter a cd where you spoke about spending eternity with God or apart from God And that Jesus is the only way. We listened to it together by phone, I live in Rhode Island she lives In VA I want to say thank you so much, it was a blessing. My Daughter prayed to receive Christ! I go to a bible believing bible teaching church here in RI. Keep seeding the field, you never know where the seed will flourish. God bless you.
– Nancy

I listed to this CD with my two sons, One 10 and the other 7 years old. We were all very interested the whole way through and God really touched our hearts as we listened. By the end of 20min, we all had tears in our eyes and rolling down our face as we realized the reality of life after death and how short our time here is, as well as God’s love for us. Though we have already believed and been born again, we prayed again to recommit our lives to Christ and we desire to follow Him all of our days. Thank you so much for sharing this Important message!
– Karen

Your eternity cd is amazing and has waken me up and gave my life back to Jesus.. A powerful message! Thank you and God bless!
– Jimmy

I was an atheist and did not care about God or church. I was getting a ride home from wrestling practice with my brother and a friend asked if we had listened to the 20 minute cd yet? I told him no but let’s listen to it here in your car. We sat and listened to the whole thing. My brother and I prayed and received Jesus as Lord. I all of a sudden had so much peace and joy that I never experienced before. I have been filled with joy and happiness since I prayed in that car. I told my mom my life is changed and gave her the cd to listen too. I heard God’s voice for the first time in the youth service and God said, “You are going to be my soldier now.” So I am ready to give my life in God’s service now.
– Ryan

I didn’t know much about God or the Bible. I listened to the 20 minute cd with my brother in a car. I was very touched and now understand that hell is real but Jesus came so we don’t have to ever go there. I prayed to receive Christ in my heart and feel very different. I know now that God has a plan for me and I have purpose and meaning.
– Christopher

I never understood what being a Christian was. I didn’t attend church but had a very spiritual praying grandmother. I was searching for a purpose and meaning in my life. Day after day I felt empty and even hopeless. Then I heard the 20 minute message. I prayed the prayer and I told ben my life was changed. It was the answer I was searching for. Now I am totally committed to following Jesus and want to learn as much as I can about these end times.
– Xavier

I was raised in a Christian home but things fell apart at home. I fell away from God and became an atheists. I knew there was a higher power but didn’t believe it was Jesus. I listened to the 20 minute message and it changed everything. All that I thought was a lie and I finally understood about how to be saved. For the next 3 weeks there was a tug of war but I finally talked to ben and prayed that night to surrender to Christ. I have that peace now.
– Dominique

I listened to the 20 minute message in the car with my whole family. It opened all of our eyes to the reality of eternal life. Thanks for sharing.
– Mason

My mind was blown when I listened to the cd message. I never had a church background and it really showed me the truth. I was prayed over later at a meeting and felt an indescribable peace flooding my heart.
– Mikey

I was raised in a Mormon home and attended many services in the latter day saints church in Utah. I believed all the religions were the same. I was taught that it didn’t really matter what you believed as long as you were a good person. I was listening to the cd and half way through began to weep. I called a friend and didn’t even want to wait to the end to pray the prayer to receive eternal life. While praying to make Jesus Lord, I felt a huge weight lifted off of me and a great peace flooding my soul. I know now that it is not about how good we are but we are all in need of the Savior. I am trusting in what Jesus has done on the cross now and live for him alone now. I let my family listen to the cd as well and they loved it.
– Kaden

Wow powerful changed my life forever. I have so much peace now.
– Carlos

I am changed. I prayed the prayer to receive Christ. I didn’t know much but now I know Jesus is the only way to heaven.
– Clayton

I prayed the prayer at the end of the 20 minute message. I thought life was all about me. I know now it’s all about heaven. I know now I am going to heaven and feel a lot more joy and peace.
– Thomas

It got my gears turning and opened my eyes to what really matters.
– Colin

Magical – felt all tingly when I heard it. I have such a joy and peace now.
– Kevin

This message should be heard by all and every High School in America. Thanks – I have such a joy and peace now.
– Bryce

I got the eternity cd and drove four hours to witness to my two children, boy and girl who were totally lost and far from God. I put the 20 min cd on repeat and wept the entire 4 hours, listening as I wanted to have the right words to say to them. However when I arrived I fell terribly sick to where I couldn’t even talk. I whispered a prayer and told the devil you are not stopping me. I motioned for my two children to listen to the cd with me in the room and they agreed. They wept and I toke their hands in my hands as I barely able to talk whispered are you ready to surrender to the Lord? They both prayed and are now serving the Lord.
When I arrived back in Philadelphia to my 1000 member church I delivered the testimony. The cd message is going out everywhere like fire. I myself am making as many copies as I can to help keep up with the demand to get them out everywhere. Thanks you for this anointed message of salvation through our Savior Jesus.
– Terry

That changed my life and I’m going to listen to it every Sunday for the rest of my life.
– Alex

The CD’s are a great blessing. Most people are touched and received spiritual healing and faith
– Mary (S. Africa)

Thank you very much for your support with free CDs to our work here in chikhwawa in Malawi.I would like to report to you that about 60 people have been saved here in chikhwawa in Malawi once they heard the message from your CD’s.I would like to report to you that many people here are looking for your CDs from us daily and I just told them to wait until we get some from you.
– Apostle Francis

Thank you so much my dear spiritual co-worker in the Lord for the word of encouragement and cd’s. Many are hearing and many testimonies coming forth in our church. Blessings.
– Pastor Desmond

Put your cd in my car and pulled over in the first 15 seconds because of the prescence of God filling my car as I was in tears! Thank you for this powerful tool for the gospel!
– Ken